Tap Water Purifier Filter Faucet 6 Layer Carbon Activated Dust Chlorine Remover

Suitable for all kinds of faucets: Easy to install and clean, Suitable for 99% types of faucets. Convenient and flexible, save your time.
Healthy Lifestyle: Wide range of applications, it can be used in kitchen, sink faucet, bathroom faucet and wash basin faucet.
Accessories display: You can adjust the tightness freely. You can adjust the size according to the faucet size.

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  • This product is through the internal drainage layer to achieve rapid stratified filtration and purification, which can remove residual chlorine, and other impurities in tap water.
  • Interface with fixing ring, compact and convenient, suitable for common faucets on the market.
  • Material: PVA non-woven + zeolite + maifan stone + calcium sulfite + natural coconut shell activated carbon + PVA non-woven

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