Multi-Purpose Anti-Vibration Pads for Washing Machine Pan

Anti vibration mat made of flexible natural rubber. 4pcs anti vibration feet pads decoupling your washer or dryer from the floor, avoid vibration or noise transmission. Washing machine pan made of industrial grade resin fiber plastic and rubber material, strong and flexible, wear resistance, no bad smells, and durable. Effectively protecting any floor surface and increase service life of you machine. Isolation pads stay steady on any type of flooring without the need of adhesives or tool. Level the washer or dryer and place the antivibration dampeners on the bottom. It is easy to adjust the height and waterproof of the machine, which is helpful for cleaning. Washer antivibration pads designed to fit not only front load or top loader clothes washers and dryers but also suitable for dryer, refrigerator, bed, sofa, dressing table´s leg, chair or other heavy machines or furniture, which needs to raise the height and keep steady.

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Place these pads under all four dryer leveling feet to raise it flush with the vent opening in the wall. The dryer is stable and quiet, which prevents your washer from “walking” during unbalanced or heavy loads. What’s more, the pads can protect the floor and prevented the noise from being deafening.
Made of rubber material, these feet pads are sturdy enough to support a heavy machine, and you can safely use them.
These pads provide good lift and damping. They can separate when placing the appliance on the blocks. THey are as simple as tilting up one side and putting them under the existing “feet”, then repeating the same on the other side.
With these pads installed, there will be no vibrations even if you stand next to the washer and feel no vibration. By the way, they are also anti-skid and don’t worry about the machines sliding around.
After putting these anti-vibration pads on your wash machine, you will feel a lot quieter than it was before and these make it almost quiet enough to sleep or read the book in the laundry room.

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