Strauss Adjustable Hand Grip Strengthener

IMPROVED FINGER STRENGTH: Strauss Hand grip strengthener is ideal for improving the strength and speed of fingers
EASY-ADJUSTABLE RESISTANCE: Easy to adjust the resistance from 10 kgs-40 kgs as needs. The hand Gripper is suitable for everyone, like Athletes, sports, fitness, musicians and people who want to exercise their hand, wrist and fingers.
INJURY REHABILITATION: Rehabilitate and relieve pain using the hand strengthener, for conditions such as: Arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, rheumatoid arthritis etc.
DURABLE & ERGONOMIC DESIGN: With Strauss hand grip , you could train your hand at any time. With high quality and soft materials and, our Hand Grip Strengthener will make your exercise more comfortable and safe.

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Rotational Resistance Adjustment You can choose the appropriate resistance according to your specific needs and goals, just rotate here and follow the “+” and “-” directions to strengthen or reduce the resistance, so as to effectively enhance the strength of your hands and fingers.
High-strength spring The use of high-strength springs to make your grip strengthener durable, the spring and grip articulation reinforced to prevent the spring from falling off the spring fly. Enhance the user experience.
High-quality handle The handle of the hand gripper is comfortable and durable, using TPR high-quality materials. Added anti-slip function to prevent the gripper from suddenly detaching from your hand during exercise.
Relieve hand fatigue People who use the mouse and keyboard for a long time are prone to cramps or occasional palm numbness. Doing some finger-relaxing movements such as gripping and pinching can relax the compressed nerves and improve blood circulation to improve symptoms.
Hand Rehabilitation Training The adjustable range of the grip is 10kg to 40kg, which allows people to gradually increase hand strength training, which is very suitable for assisting hand rehabilitation training after injury.
Improve finger pressing force Whether you are athletes, musicians, or ordinary people, you can enhance finger strength and finger flexibility through finger grip training.

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