Pickle Tower Containers 4 layer 360° Rotating

Pickle Tower Containers 4 layer 360° Rotating
Tower Container

4 in 1 Multipurpose 360 Degree Rotating Pickle Rack Container for Kitchen Seasoning box overall design, each of the four separate cartridges can be rotated 360. Designed with weighted base for better balance when open. Sugar Bowl or Salt Box that is perfectly sized and beautifully designed to hold your favourite pickles. Pivoting four-section storage box can also store sea salt, pickles and condiments. Keep multiple salts or other seasonings near the stove and ready to use when cooking or baking. With a handle on the box top, easy to carry, and each separate box can be taken and used alone. Design style fashion, beautiful, generous in the kitchen hygienic and convenient, but also a beautiful landscape. Rack revolves, bringing all the jars into view, so finding the pickle of choice is easy. Each Holder comes with a spoon for convenient use. Suitable for Solid condiments. Can be used to hold a variety of condiments: salt, pepper, sugar.

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  • Storage : Storage Pickle jar is made of high quality material, keep your pickle or fresh and odour-free, and prevent dust.
  • Perfect uses : Seasoning container set can also be used to hold a variety of condiments: salt, pepper, sugar, pickle corn starch and chicken broth powder and more.
  • Design : Beautifully Shaped designed products do not go into any commercial or home dishwasher, rather, simply hand wash in warm water using liquid soap, rinse and then pat dry
  • Space Saving : Unique space saving design that has 4 compartments for storing condiments and Pickles.
  • 360 Rotation : 360 degrees rotation will offer the great convenience when in use. The Tranent design makes you easy to identify the items inside. Four layers, stackable, save much room for your kitchen.

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