Mobile Cooler, Mobilife Phone Cooler for Gaming, Phone Radiator with Semi-conducter Cooling Technology

Instant Cooling .Designed For Gamer Our testing result proves that the device can cool down your cellphone by 5-8 Celsius degrees when playing Fortnite, Genshin Impact, PUBG Mobile (Tested indoors at 28 Celsius degrees). which can satisfy all players’ cooling fantasies. It can help reduce the loss of the mobile phone battery, solve the situation that the mobile phone freezes or automatically shuts down, and can also extend the battery life. You WON’T LOSE any frame rates anymore!
Mute & High Speed Cooling Large cooling semiconductor, large thermally conductive copper sheet, ultra-large cooling area providing a stronger refrigeration effect. Silent designing fan can efficiently emit wind from all sides, customized heat dissipation silica gel, it cools down mobile phone with out generating water drops, and the surface temperature will decrease to about 2°C with in 1 min.
Keep the Phone Running Stable Enlarged semiconductor cooling fins and larger heat sinks fit the mobile phone’s heating CPU seamlessly, improving the heat dissipation efficiency by more than 90% directly, the radiator dissipate heat through a fan efficiently and keeps cooling phone temperature below 28°C, so that your mobile phone could run at a high speed under an optimal temperature.
Phone Cooler For Various Devices Sizes Mobilife phone cooler has retractable soft silicone back clip, can be installed in a mobile phone with a width of 2.44-3.42 inches (62-87 mm). directly connect to Type-C (Cable Included) and enjoy the cooling feel.
Exquisite and Unique Phone Cooler Mobilife phone radiator is light, thin, small and easier to clamp, weighing only 0.093kg, it does not affect the movement range of fingers and optimizes the appearance while ensuring the function. Orange indiator light will lighting on when connected.

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  • Semi-conductor freezing technology, rapidly lowering the temperature to freeze.
  • Old fans have a poor heat dissipation effect. Mobile phones are hot even after use.
  • Smartphone radiators dissipate heat at a noise level of about 30db, where the built-in fan’s operating noise is less of a concern and does not interfere with voice chat.
  • A 1.2m Type-C cable is included in the smartphone cooling fan set, so you can make great use of your smartphone cooling fan.
  • It cools down mobile phone with out generating water drops, and the surface temperature will decrease to about 2°C with in 1 min.
  • Smartphone cooling fan Equipped with a 7-blade fan, it radiates powerful heat at a rotation speed of 8,000 rpm / min, and cools the smartphone quickly.
  • It can be used for smartphones with a length of 62 mm to 87 mm. You can enjoy playing games and watching TV with confidence.

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