Mini Vacuum Sealer Machine for Food Preservation

MONEY & SPACE SAVER VACUUM SEALER MACHINE – Included everything(1 electronic hand pump, 4 Medium Size vacuum sealed bags, 2 Large Size vacuum sealed bags, 1 bag sealing clip) for sous vide cooking. Prevents freezer burns on frozen fruits and vegetables, prevents mold and bacteria growth and keeps the nutrients intact and food fresh 5 times longer by free from air, save money in the long run. Save more space of refrigerator, make everything tidy and no more mess. FOOD VACUUM SEALER PACKING MACHINE – Strong Vacuum power by imported motor, strong suction, low noise and less heat, automatic vacuum seal bag quickly. Mini size for using indoor or outdoor. Save you time and effort, Perfect gadget as kitchen application. ONE HAND OPERATION VACUUM FOOD SEALER – Quick seal bag with white bag sealing clip, press white button of electronic pump. Wait for few seconds to vacuum out the air automatically, then bag sealed tightly. For vacuum soft and crisp food, it can pulse at anytime. So you can start sous vide cooking. DO NOT submerge the “Air Valve” in water. Each bag has a label for writing down food storing and expiry dates. BATTERY OPERATION – Powered by 3 standard AAA battery ( Batteries not included). One button operation, Just Wait for a few seconds to vacuum out the air automatically easy to carry, easy to use.

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  • Ordinary foil and zipper bags trap air in ruining your food and wasting your money.
  • That’s why House of Quirk Fresh bags are designed with a special one way valve that lets air out and seals freshness in… prolonging the flavor, nutrition and shelf life of your food.
  • [One-key switch] Easy to use, say goodbye to manual pump-down
  • [Simple seal Simple] Aim at the bag outlet and press down to pump out
  • [Easier to keep the freshness] Oxygen-isolation, anti-bacterial, smell-isolated, long preservation

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