Men’s and Women’s Plastic Frame Full Rim Horizontal Lazy High Definition Prism Periscope Glasses

Changing the sight perspectives of wearer, breaking the rules of watching things, allowing users watch the images in front of them naturally, conveniently, comfortably and distinctly in a lying position Fit for men and women Extremely beneficial to people’s physical and mental health Amazing glasses can effectively prevent and lessen the fatigue and discomfort of the neck, the lumbar vertebra and the shoulder portion. High-definition optical glass prism, the effect is clearer, reduce eye fatigue, clear imaging, restore the true shape. Hinge reinforcement treatment, after strict opening and closing test layer by layer, easy to retract and release, strong and durable. Comfortable one-in-one nasal bracket design. Lightweight and non-pressing nose, refuse to print nose, reduce the burden of wearing the bridge of the nose. Specifications Material: premium plastic frame, Metal hinge, Glass lens Color: Black Item weight: about 3oz (86g) Leg length: about 5.5″ Frame height: about 1.6″ Frame width: about 6.3″ Bridge: about 0.5″ (12mm) Nose Distance: 18mm distance between two centers of inside lens: about 2.6″/6.8cm Please Note 1.These glasses are to be used for a short periods of reading only. Please remove the glasses before falling asleep. Do not wear while walking/in motion as they can be disorientating. 2.Since the lens is prism that made of glass, the bed eyeglasses is kinda heavy. Just do not wear it too long. Package.

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  • GREAT BENEFIT TO HEALTH: Our high definition prism glasses help you read a book without eye fatigue or physical strain
  • LET YOU WATCH TV OR READ LYING DOWN GLASSES: By taking advantage of optics principles and employing the reflecting prisms that made of high-qualified optical materials
  • CAN BE WORN OVER SPECTACLES: The special spectacles are as similar in shape as ordinary glasses. You can wear the prism glasses only or wear it over your ordinary glasses (include prescription glasses).
  • APPLICATIONS: This ultimate glasses is suitable for ordinary people and person with medical problem. Used for home or travel use.

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