Double Layer Refrigerator 24 Eggs Storage Box

Holds normal size eggs, put the egg one by one, don’t have to worry about eggs being crushed, it can use multiple superimposed on the refrigerator, beautiful and save space. The kitchen storage tray ideal for refrigerators without a special compartment for eggs. Egg cartons clear, usually use at kitchen, fridge, shelves, freezer to save space and keep eggs more secure. This egg container is Made from highest quality BPA free material for strong durability and safety, high quality and eco-friendly, sturdy and easy to clean; simply wipe with soapy water. Each independent sub-grid design, a good isolation of bacteria, to prevent the breeding of bacteria, more safe and sanitary. Cover locks tightly, easy carry handle convenient for house keeping, carrying and camping.

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24 Eggs Dispenser Holder, Large Capacity Egg Box, Egg Carrier Container, Egg Storage Case, Eggs Tray Holder with Lid

A classic way to store or serve eggs, unique and distinctive see-through plastic egg cartons make ideal packaging for specialty, safely and hygienically.Items feature fresh for longer, securely stored, and neatly organized. This egg holder keeps stacked items in securely place, whether in the freezer, refrigerator, or cupboard. Perfect for your holiday dinner parties!

Wide Application:
• Egg Holder: the bottom bump design can reduce and prevent shock, and protect eggs better.
• Refrigerator Storage Container: each box can hold 24 eggs, which can be used in superposition to save space.
• Dust-proof tightly locking lid and carry handle is suitable for Fridge,Freezer,Pantry,refrigerator,kitchen cabinets,camping and picnic.

Care & Cleaning:
• When cleaning the box, please use soft sponge or wet cloth, do not use hard object to avoid scratches.

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