Adjustable Iron Dumbbells Set, Designed-in-Germany

Included Components: 2 X Adjustable Dumbbell (Pair)
Special Feature: The ergonomic design with superior rubber grip and high-quality interlocking system makes the shifts very smooth and easy. Dumbbell stand sold separately. Made from the highest quality materials that do not rust, last longer and are more durable than the average dumbbells. Designed in Germany and made from high grade materials. The product has easy-to-use selection dials for adjusting weights ranging from 5kg to 40kg. For both Men and women, 2 set for the entire family
Specific Uses for Product: Multi Weight Settings, 1 Flexnest Dumbbell is equivalent to 15 different dumbbells. The Flexnest Adjustable Dumbbell replaces multiple sets of weights & dumbells. The lightning-fast adjustable dial mechanism lets you instantly switch between 15 different weights from 5 to 40 kgs in 1-1.5 kg increments.
Material: Iron & Neoprene; Color: Black; Size: 40Kg; Item Length: 52 cm, Item Width: 35 cm, Item Height: 30 cm and Item Weight: 80Kg
The Flexnest Dumbbells are the Ultimate Adjustable Dumbbells Set for Home Gym, premium adjustable dumbbells set for your workouts at home rack.

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Free Storage Tray: Included with your Dumbbell is a free storage tray made out of composite materials.
German Technology: Using High Quality Materials, The Flexnest Dumbbell is a truly premium, high-end equipment.
Easy to use rotate Dial: Spend more time working out and less time changing weights!
2.5 to 24kg or 5 to 40kg: Keep stress free and buy Original from Flexnest for smooth and reliable after-sales service.

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