20 WATT 7MM HOT MELT Glue Gun with ON Off Switch and LED Indicator

Glun brings to you this glue gun which is available in a set of attractive colours. The glue gun features a 20W wattage. It comes with a triggered on and off switch along with a LED indicator. The glue gun is accompanied with 10 transparent glue sticks which can be used along with it.
This glue gun can be used for packaging services to glue stuff together. It can also be a part of your arts and crafts class which you can carry easily along with you. The glue gun is a compact way of adhesive solutions for different products.

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  • Suitable for paper and crafts purposes only
  • Glue gun will not heat up enough to melt glue in AC
  • Compatible glue stick thickness: 11 mm
  • Take 5 to 8 minutes to heat

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