10 Game-Changing Household Gadgets to Make Your Life Easier

best Household kitchen Gadgets
Best Household Gadgets

We all know our household life is hard, but it doesn’t have to be especially when we have these 10 best household gadgets with us. With these varieties of small and big handy gadgets, our day to day routine is about to get a lot easier from out to in the kitchen. Adding a few of these clever products in your life can save you a lot of time and effort for your next important plan or What about a party? Or a relaxing sunbath? There are tons of little things that can improve your daily routine — without totally breaking your bank account. So what are you waiting for? Your Shopping cart can add a lot of extra time and fun to your everyday life.

Best Household Gadgets – Quick Ranking

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1. Electric Tawa: Chilla and Dosa Maker 900-Watt

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This Electric Tawa is your perfect breakfast mate for doing your job as quick as possible. This is the perfect appliance to make dishes like Dosa, Chilla, and Omelet in just a couple of minutes. This is a perfect gadget for people living in hostels or inns as it is easily usable and also saves time. The high-quality non-stick surface makes it perfect to cook without oil and also can be easily cleaned with any moist cloth. This Electric Tawa is lightweight, compact and is specially designed to cook and serve instantly. This chilla and dosa maker helps you make perfectly round chillas, dosas, crepes and omelettes of varying thickness by just holding the appliance in the batter for a little longer which helps you customise depending on your taste. More features about this Electric Tawa are listed below.

Features of Electric Tawa – Chilla and Dosa Maker 

  • The non-stick surface is easy to clean can be wiped with a moist cloth.
  • Sleek, lightweight and Compact design allows carrying anywhere.
  • You can cook oil-free dosas, omelettes, and chillas within minutes.
  • Power – 900 Watts
  • Weight – 0.8 Kilograms
  • Dimension – 42 x 20 x 5.5 cm

2. Stainless Steel Chopping Hand Guard

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This finger guard is a stainless steel shield that protects fingers and hands while slicing and dicing vegetables. It helps to prevent any unwanted cuts and injuries while letting you safely cut your vegetables. Each finger guard of this tool measures 6.5 by 4CM while the ring is 2CM wide. The base of the shield is formed to hold foods still for perfect slicing so your fingers never come in the way. This Stainless Steel finger protector tool is rust and corrosion-free. This is a handy chopping tool for maximizing efficiency and minimizing the risk of injuries in the kitchen. More features of this useful Chopping Hand Guard are listed below – 

Features of Stainless Steel Chopping Hand Guard

  • Corrosion and Rust free
  • Provides complete protection from cuts and injuries
  • Allows easy and safe slicing and dicing of veggies
  • The size of the ring is adjustable for all fitments
  • Dimensions – 27 x 17.5 x 6 cm.

3. Mini Foldable Electric Kettle

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This newest Collapsible Electric Kettle is great for business trips, vacations, camp, travel etc. This is specially designed to be easily folded/unfolded and packed in your backpack or luggage. It measures 600ml in capacity and 740g in weight. It is made up of safe food-grade silicone and 304 stainless steel materials.  This Collapsible and portable electric kettle can be taken anywhere around the world as it comes with a dual voltage feature of 100-220V with an auto-recognition system. This Kettle is equipped with boil-dry protection, automatically switches off, and has a self-heating function once low temperature. With this foldable electric kettle, you can enjoy a cup of hot tea or coffee whenever and wherever you want. More features about this Mini Foldable Electric Kettle are listed below – 

Features of Mini Foldable Electric Kettle 

  • Collapsible and Space-saving
  • Highly portable and can be taken anywhere
  • Comes with a dual voltage feature of 100-220V
  • Has auto-recognition system, no need to transfer voltage
  • Made up of stainless steel + food-grade silicone material
  • Weight – 850 g
  • Dimension – 20 x 15 x 10 cm

4. Digital Spoon Scale for Kitchen

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This digital spoon scale is very useful for precisely measuring food items in the kitchen. This electronic spoon scale utilizes a high precision sensor system and can measure up to a maximum weight of 500g, accurately in increments of 0.1g. The measuring scale can be switched among different units like g, oz, ct, gm. It has a MODE function that allows switching between units and the HOLD function will lock or unlock the weight readout. It also comes with functions like tare function, overload indication, auto shutoff to save battery life.

It can measure the weight of flour, milk powder, butter, cream, edible oil, etc. thus it weighs both solid and liquid ingredients very precisely. A cool digital spoon scale always proves to be more than useful to foodies, dieters and home cooks. An accurate scale of ingredients can make your meal more delicious. More features about this Digital Spoon Scale are listed below –

Features of Digital Spoon Scale for Kitchen

  • Has 4 modes to measure weights (oz/ gn/ ct/ g).
  • Can measure weight from 0.1 gram to 500gram.
  • Has LCD screen to display an accurate measure.
  • Pressing the Tare button shows the weight of your ingredients by subtracting the weight of the spoon.
  • Has Functions like overload indication, auto shutoff, etc.
  • Dimensions – 15 x 15 x 3 Centimeters

5. Space-Saving Stainless Steel Barbeque & Grill Machine

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If you love to grill your food to perfection, your hunt for the perfect appliance is over. This space-saving Stainless Steel Barbeque & Grill Machine allows you to enjoy barbecues at home very easily. This electric grill allows you to prepare scrumptious delights out of vegetables, meats, cottage cheese (paneer) and hold your breath, even fruits with little to no effort and no mess. This Machine acts as an Electric grill tandoor, vertical rotisserie grill, barbecue, kabab tikka maker. It has rotating stainless steel skewers which ensure your food is evenly cooked all the way through and delivers an even smoky grilled flavour. You don’t need to keep turning the skewers by hand unlike in traditional tandoors saving your time and effort.

It offers oil-free healthy cooking and The skewers are made from food-grade stainless steel making it safe cooking. The stainless steel outer cover prevents your food from drying out. It also retains the heat generated and preserves the moisture in your food as well. With this grilling machine making (vegetarian and non-vegetarian) tikkas, kebabs, seekhs and shashliks become so easy. The Griller is quick to assemble and also easy to clean. More features about this Stainless Steel Barbecue & Grilling Machine are listed below –

Features of Stainless Steel Barbeque & Grilling Machine –

  • Compact, lightweight, and takes less space.
  • The outer layer retains heat, moisture, and intense flavours.
  • Perfect to cook kebab, whole chicken, Paneer, and many more dishes.
  • Offers oil-free healthy cooking. 
  • Rotating stainless steel skewers ensure your food is evenly cooked.
  • It takes less space on your kitchen countertops.

6. All in One Pineapple Tool Peeler and Slicer

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Cutting and Peeling have never been easy, but they don’t have to be tougher anymore. This All in One Pineapple Tool allows you to cut and enjoy your Pineapple with less to no effort. This Pineapple coreless slicer tool is equipped with a high-quality stainless steel medium blade. The sharp serrated blade cuts through easily and removes the pineapple core, and the curved edge forms a perfectly circular ring cut, thereby peeling the pineapple easily. The blades are made up of upgraded Upgraded Stainless steel blades that are rust-proof, corrosion-resistant and durable. The process of using this tool is very easy – just remove the pineapple top stick the slicer in the middle, and twist the ratchet.

So you can enjoy a perfect slice of fresh pineapple quickly and easily. The Ratcheting handle is very comfortable and is designed with a non-slip, easy-grip handle. More features about this Pineapple peeler and slicer are listed below – 

Features of All in One Pineapple Tool Peeler and Slicer  –

  • Comfortable ergonomic ratcheting handle
  • Very sturdy and super easy to use
  • A sharp serrated blade easily cuts through and remove the pineapple core
  • Material: Premium plastic+ Stainless Steel
  • It saves time and is safer to use
  • Stainless steel Upgraded blades are rust-proof, corrosion-resistant and durable

7. 300-Watt Quick Vegetable Chopper

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Now no more tears while chopping onions, or smelly hands while chopping garlic. This quick vegetable chopper is a perfect solution for all the slicing and dicing needs. This powerful Chef Delite Chopper can make your daily cooking a breeze. It comes with two blades – a single blade for coarse chopping and a dual blade for fine chopping. The dual blades enable the chopping of spinach and other leafy vegetables very easily. The blades are made from stainless steel for better chopping, is dishwasher safe and also rust-free. This chopper truly makes cooking a delight – it does your chopping in seconds. More features about this Quick Vegetable Chopper are listed below – 

Features of 300-Watt Quick Vegetable Chopper –

  • Dual blades for coarse and fine chopping
  • Stainless steel blades for better chopping
  • Dishwasher Safe Material
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Low noise motor for silent operation
  • Power: 300W
  • Voltage: 230V AC / 50Hz
  • Motor: 100% Copper Winding

8. Automatic Yogurt Maker

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Now say goodbye to your worries about making curd in every season. This Electric Yogurt Maker is high temperature resistant and helps you to make yoghurt of your preferred flavour in any climate. This is very easy to carry and comes with a milk bottle holder, in which you can even warm milk for your kids. The capacity of this yoghurt maker is 1L and consumes only 15 Watts of power. The inner container’s special seal-tight lid lets you store your yoghurt in the refrigerator for more than three weeks. This container is dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning, and it is made of food-grade plastic that is PVC and BPA free. More features about this Automatic Yogurt maker are listed below –

Features of Automatic Yogurt Maker –

  • Made of food-grade plastic that is PVC and BPA free
  • The capacity of 1L and consumes only 15 Watts of power
  • Step 1) Pour Fresh Milk into the stainless steel Container,
  • Step 2) Add 2-3 tablespoons of fresh plain Yogurt or 1 gram of yeast,
  • Step 3) Switch on the maker and leave it for 8-9 hours,
  • Step 4) After 8-9 hours, Your Yogurt is ready!
  • High-Temperature Resistance
  • Function: yoghurt, rice wine, Simple and Compact

9. Bottle Dispenser Pump for Sauce, Oil, Jam, and Ketchup

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No more spilling of sauce or oil here and there – Yes! It’s possible with this Bottle Pump Dispenser for Sauce, Oil, Jam and Ketchup. This Dispenser allows you to take the said food items in an even amount without making any mess. It dispenses 8ml for a time, so you do not need to worry about putting in more spices. It has a pressure nozzle design, can be tightly combined with the bottle mouth, sealed against moisture, not easy to fall off. The length of the hose can be freely changed according to the height of the bottle, which is convenient to use. The dispenser is made from food grade PP plastic material that is non-toxic and odourless, reusable, safe and healthy. More features about this Bottle Dispenser Pump are listed below – 

Features of Bottle Dispenser Pump for Sauce, Oil, Jam, and Ketchup –

  • Made up of good quality food grade PP material 
  • Non-toxic, reusable, and safe
  • Helps to dispense accurate quantity, 8ml for a time
  • Pressure nozzle is specially designed for all types of bottles
  • Non-rust, suitable for oyster sauce, tomato ketchup, honey, etc

10. Fridge Organizer Set- Increase Storage capacity

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Bye! Bye! Too messy and dirty fridges. This Fridge Organizer Set (4 pieces) offers an ideal, space-saving solution for your refrigerator storage needs. These compact storage racks can be used to efficiently organize milk packets, fruits, vegetables, dry fruits, and nuts in your refrigerator without taking too much space. These storage racks are of sturdy plastic built and ensures that it will not break on falling and can support heavy storage as well. These are designed from high quality, food-grade plastic and is durable and safe to use. It has a smart-slide design and can firmly attach to multiple surfaces like glass, wood and plastic. It can also be used for organizing dining tables, office tables, study tables, kitchen and bathroom cabinets as well. These Organizers are highly space-saving and useful. More features about this Fridge Organizer Set are listed below – 

Features of Fridge Organizer Set  –

  • Space Saver
  • Multipurpose Organiser
  • High-quality, food-grade plastic built
  • Features microbial resistance
  • Slide design that firmly latches on to multiple surfaces


The above-mentioned tools and gadgets can help you complete your different types of household work very easily. These gadgets are safely made with high-quality materials for making your job effortless and easy. So understand your need and chose the best-suited gadget for your work. 

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